Testing times : The Tribune India

You played the title role in Vidya. How would you sum-up the journey?

The journey was for sure half-lived but I learnt a lot. It was a totally different environment and an unconventional character. Every day was a challenge to keep the innocence and purity of Vidya alive.

What was your reaction when you came to know that the show is going off-air suddenly?

I had heard about few other shows going off-air on other channels. I understand that the network is going through an economic crunch. And of course, we all wish to keep working. I guess it’s a testing time.

Did you have apprehension about getting typecast?

I did. We just did a live chat as a farewell and Mahesh sir narrated how he had to convince me that I won’t be typecast. But now I don’t think I got typecast as I have started getting offers for different types of characters.

If not an actor, what would you have been and why?

I would have been an engineer, but a terrible one. And if I had been bad at doing that job, I would have become a dance teacher because I love dancing.

What changes do you find in the industry over the years?

There are more work opportunities now. People have made shows on concepts we couldn’t think of. The craft of acting has gone up from television to web.

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