Spirited artiste : The Tribune India

Himani Shivpuri is back to her first love of theatre with Zee Theatre’s classic drama Hamidabai Ki Kothi. She plays Hamidabai, a spirited artiste of the dying Kotha tradition, who is determined to not let the demands of popular culture corrupt her establishment, despite societal and financial pressure. The actress portrays the anguish of an artist forced to let go of her identity as she imbibes the character of a quintessential kothawali with élan.

A Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee, Himani Shivpuri shares, “Playing Hamidabai was an eye-opener to how much we’ve lost in the evolution of our culture and society. In many ways, she mirrors my personal journey, of a woman fighting to stay true to her passion despite all odds. I hope the play inspires the viewers. My overall experience had the added bonus of working with Vijayabai, a legend.”

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