How The Online Entrepreneur Behind a Sexy Halloween Costume Brand Pivoted to Hand Sanitizer and Face Masks

Chad Horstman

Chad Horstman

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With the stock market back to near all-time highs, and states reopening despite growing infections, you might think the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to become a thing of the past. But growing a new business during a viral outbreak still poses major challenges to even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. 

Chad Horstman, one of the founders of lingerie and sexy Halloween costume giant, has bucked that trend, pivoting his startup focused on health and wellness to become one of the top online destinations for essential COVID-19 necessities like masks and hand sanitizer. 

We chatted with Chad from his Scottsdale, Arizona office about the launch of his new wellness brand,, to find out how he successfully launched the company during these challenging times.

Q: First of all, I have to ask the obvious question…what does the guy that created the sexy pizza costume know about face masks and hand sanitizer?

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