Face Masks Are Here to Stay So Here’s One That Has Bluetooth and a Loudspeaker

Wearing a face mask has become a norm and while most of us have gotten used to it, they can get a little cumbersome. For instance, when you are out and receive a phone call, the mask can block your voice making it difficult for the other person to hear you. But it was only a matter of time for a company like Donut Robotics to come up with a solution.

The Japanese startup is working on a new device that can make the face mask quite hi-tech. The C-Mask can be placed on top of a regular face mask and features Bluetooth, so it connects to your phone to make phone calls or even dictate messages. It also comes with a built-in translator letting you communicate in various languages. This feature is however, not free of cost and will require a subscription.

A device like this could definitely reduce the number of people who pull down their masks to use their phones and hopefully some who don’t use masks at all. The C-Mask also comes with a loudspeaker feature where you can send your voice out from your phone. This can be handy when you are talking to someone or a group of people in person while maintaining the appropriate distance.

The device will soon be available for pre-order in Japan at $40 (Rs 3,052 approx) with the company planning to ship the masks later this year. It is expected to launch outside of Japan as well, although there is no confirmation on the launch timeline.


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