Cheap T-Shirts That Are Actually Good: 14 T-Shirts Under $20 to Buy in Every Color

T-shirts are one of those formerly dime-a-dozen commodities, like salads or movie tickets, that we’ve all been conditioned to accept as luxury items. And sure, there’s a time and place for a $40 Jungmaven joint, or a $85 Sunspel one, or even a $2,340 crystal-embroidered Versace monstrosity. (As far as the latter goes: the time would be 2006, and the place would be Christian Audigier’s yacht.) But the same way an 80-cent bodega coffee can occasionally provide more of a boost than a $7 cortado, sometimes you just need a T-shirt to be a T-shirt—an affordable swath of fabric that covers your chest, brings a touch of unexpected color to your fit, and does little else. The kind of shirt you aren’t afraid to sweat in, or sleep in, or feel like you’re wasting if you only wear it around the house.

Thankfully, tees like that do still exist. The 14 we’ve highlighted below won’t be taking home any CFDAs for superior tailoring or materials, but they’re comfortable, versatile, and each cost less than $20 a pop (half of ’em cost less than $10!). If you ask us, that’s plenty.

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